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Smok3y's Services

Post  Smok3y on Wed Nov 25, 2009 1:51 pm

hello customers im Smok3y (


* Dont Interrupt my service by logging on or in some other way

* If you work for or are an affiliate of Jagex, you may not ask for my services.

* By sending an application for my services you are applying that you are Not a
affiliate of Jagex

-Combat Lvls (melee,range,mage)(Mage-Combat & Non-Combat)
-Money Making (From Theiving to killing) (5+ Different Ways)
-Pest Control points (from void sets to Charms)
-Also Certain amounts of PC Points or certain amounts of Fish/Ore
-Slayer Xp (Takes Longest to Do)
-More to come.....

When Applying:
-Forum Name:


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